Teen Boys Embarrassing Stories

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…rig he was going to use teen boys me. Instead of teen boys kissing and fucking regular size enema tube, he had an 8″ stainless steel tube shaped a bit teen boys sex movie a penis, with a mushroom cap head. muscle teen boys sat down between my spread legs and with a latex-gloved hand, began to lubricate my asshole with KY. The tip of the enema teen boys was placed at the entrance to my tight hole and the Doc started to work it in. I began to moan and breathe heavily, “Ow, that hurts me doc” I cried out. “Yes, Martin, I know, but you can take it, I know you can.” Slowly he worked teen boys embarrassing stories tube up into my ass. “That’s it, good boy, Martin” The doc reached up and released the clip on the hose. Warm water began to fill my colon. The Doc grabbed the end of the enema tip and began to massage my aching hol…

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