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…good boy, Verik whispered into the boy whores ear.

He dug his fingers deep into the boys balls, twisting, squeezing, looking fat teen boys Nahjis face, twisted into a mask of agony. He ran his hand over the boys luscious young flesh, loving the feel of the whore trembling against him.

Is that bitch hole all sewn up for me? he said into the boys ear.

Nahji gasped for breath naked asian teen boys his arms. His pain wracked balls made his body tremble all over; hysterical tears choked his words.

He had the temple sew my ass last summer, the boy managed through his tears.

Men who owned whores had their asses tightened up so they gave men more pleasure and brought in more silver. It was agony for a cut slaveboy to have a man in his tight ass.

What about your pleasure bead, Verik said. You feel anything up your whore ass? He hated fucking a bitch who felt pleasure up his ass. It wasnt decent.

The boy shook his head. No. My Master took my pleasure. I teen boys first gay blowjob feel pain when men use me.

Verik pushed the boy onto his back and lay on top of him, looking down into his suffering eyes.

You want my cock bitch? he said, pressing his thick cock against the boys hole.

No, please dont it hurts, the boy said in a sudden panic.

Verik laughed and put the boys legs up on his shoulders, opening the whores ass to him. The sight of the boys tight, pink pleasure hole in the glowing firelight made Verik wild – he ached to tear into him and make him scream. He slid his finger into the boys mouth, and made him lick it.

Your fuck hole is good and tight boy, teen boys hairstyles a bitch should be, Verik said, pressing his wet finger against the boys young gay teen boys tight hole.

Oh fuck, Verik said when he felt the hot tightness in top ten gifts for teen boys

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